I love Thursdays. I think Thursday is now my favorite day of the week. Each day has it’s unique “thing” that happens…
Monday it’s morning worship, Tuesday it’s morning prayer, Wed. it’s our afternoon staff meeting, Friday it’s our Friday night meeting…Saturday we usually explore something new, Sunday is beach day (every Sunday that it’s not raining we go the beach). Tuesdays and Saturdays are special because those are “dessert nights” at the YWAM base. You never want to miss those nights. Monday, Wed. and Friday are special because Ariel and Hailey go to pre-school. Wed. is fun because I work in the pre-school. Hmmm…Monday, Tuesday and Wed. night Jacob has designated as family game night…usually Uno or Sherades, those are fun nights. Every dinner is fun at the YWAM base…not because of what we’re eating (it’s not bad…usually consists of rice, some kind of meat and some kind of vegetable) but because we are eating with 300 other people and I didn’t have to cook it and I don’t have to clean it up! Most dinners end with the birthday song (with 300 people in the room it’s always a good chance that it’s someone’s birthday) the birthday song includes pounding on the tables, shouting and throwing your cup in the air (my kids were freaked out at first…now they join right in with their cups and everything and the LOVE it)! Every night after dinner all of the kids run in circles around the dining hall…screaming, squealing and laughing while the parents sit and sigh…ahh…a break. Every day we drink coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon (the Aussie’s drink their tea at 10:00 am “morning tea” time, we though don’t drink ours until about 3pm). Every day we are (trying) to work out. Every day we stay up too late on facebook or skyping with people back home. Every day we read our bibles, pray and worship God. Every day I make my kids toast for their snack since Australia does not have granola bars, fishies or fruit snacks. Every day Hailey drinks too much juice. Every day Jacob asks for a “Tim Tam” about 100 times (best chocolate cookie you’ll ever eat). Every day Jacob also asks for a “Tim Tam Slam” (best chocolate cookie/hot chocolate drink you’ll ever eat). Every day we walk back and forth from the YWAM  base 2-3 different times…adding up to about 1 hour of walking a day. Every day my kids are loud and we make a scene…your typical “American” family, but we don’t know how to not be that way. Every day the kids dump out all their toys (they don’t have that many toys here but it’s also a small place) and every day I usually end up cleaning them up. Every day I do a load of wash and hang the clothes to dry. If  I forget, the laundry piles up and then there is too much to hang dry and I have to wheel it back and forth to and from the YWAM base to get it all dry in one of the dryers there. Every day I miss my friends at home, but every day I enjoy getting to know new people. Every day I miss my mom. ☺
Thursdays are different…are you ready for this? Are you ready to hear about Thursdays? Did I build it up enough? Are you sure, because I could talk more about the other days…No, OK I’ll tell you about Thursdays.  Every Thursday is designated at evangelism night! Everyone from the YWAM base (all 300 people) meet after dinner and go out in groups of 15-20 into different locations throughout the city. They drive in huge 15 passenger vans and go mainly to the malls. One group takes the train downtown into the city center…that is where most of the families go because they can leave early on the train when the kids get tired and they don’t have to take the YWAM van back.  Once the teams arrive at their location everyone breaks into teams of 2 and spends the next 1-2 hours walking around and talking to people…sharing the gospel with different people and offering to pray for people. The first week we went out I was so excited. I was so scared too. I was with my friend Cristine and we each had 2 of our own kids with us (4 kids total).That night we took turns watching the kids and talking with people. The fist time I shared…I was so nervous. I walked up buy a coffee…bought my coffee and said “Jesus loves you!” That was all I could get out before my mouth closed and my feet walked me in the other direction. Phew! At least I said something. The next time I really went for it. I stopped two gals…about 14 and 15 years old and must have talked with them for a good 10 minutes. They were so interested in what I was saying. I shared so much of my life and testimony with them, they were jaw dropped as I told them of the Lord’s love and grace and how you can really start brand new when you give your life to Him. . Wow! I Ieft that night so encouraged and excited to do more.
Tonight was evangelism night. Aaron and I were a team. We went with the group that went into the city. Our kids were with us and were so excited. They also think we’re nuts, but that’s ok, we are. The group started by singing songs of worship in the middle of the city center area. Then the teams of two started going out and sharing a few people at a time. Aaron and I had a blast. We were both nervous at first…we would walk toward someone and then our feet would turn us around and we’d end up walking away from them. Then we went for it. I mean we WENT for it. No hesitation. We would walk up to someone and just go for it, as long as they were interested. We calculated up that we shared the FULL gospel with 11 people! There were 3 others that were not interested, totally ok, but there were 11 different people that we got to share with. A 15 year old sweet sweet Muslim gal, two 19-20 year old girls…one who almost started crying while I was sharing my testimony with her, another 3 gals who are out traveling the world, two skater guys, another Catholic guy, two more Asian girls…everyone listening so intently to what we had to say and willing to laugh with me when I gave my opening line of “I know we might seem like a bunch of wierdo’s…” then continuing on with “we’re just compelled to share with you who Jesus is because He’s so changed our lives.” We’re so excited to grow and build our muscles of evangelism. I’ve been reading in the book of Acts and is says that “people were added to their numbers daily!” We are praying for a boldness like Peter and expecting that we’ll start to see people give their lives to the Lord daily as we share who He is and what He’s done.
Ahh…Thursdays. I love you. I am so happy that you are here waiting for me every week. I am so thankful for those who are pushing us to go out and share. I would never do this on my own. But it is the best high ever. Goodnight.

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